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District : KACHCHH

DPR Code: 2401

Block : Lakhpat

Village : Guhar Moti

Village-wise Snapshot
1   Coverage Category(Un-Electrified/De-Electrified/Electrified) Electrified
2   No.of Rural Household(RHH) Connections to be Released 38 
3   No.of BPL Connections to be Released 29 
4   No. of Distribution Transformers(DTs) to be Installed*
5    Capacity(KVA) of Distribution Transformers(DTs) to be Installed* 0.00
6    Length (Km) of 11KV Line to be Erected * 0.00
7   Length(Km) of LT Line to be Erected*0.00
    PROGRESS AS ON   09/03/2012
8   Rural Households Connections Completed(BPL+APL) 
9   Number of BPL Households Connections Completed12
10   SC HH (Out of Total BPL HH)9
11   ST HH (Out of Total BPL HH)0
12   Total No. Habitations 
13   Total No. of Dalit Bastis 
14   Number of Distribution Transformer (Capacity) Installed
15   11kv line length(Km) Completed in the Village
  - single phase 
  - three phase